“Broken Badlands” in the Latest Issue of Orion

I don’t quite know how many essays I’ve published in Orion over the years, but I’m thankful for every one. Here’s a new, “Broken Badlands,” from the latest issue:

WHEN WE ARE SMALL and close to the earth, there is more landscape than time. It’s only later that we forget. Only later that we begin to play pretend.

Joe Wilkins, from “Broken Badlands,” Orion Autumn 2021

We Had to Go On Living

We Had to Go On LIving

I’m thinking of this one as my Midwestern: We Had to Go On Living, a limited-edition chapbook of two essays, “Northern Pike,” which originally appeared in the Harvard Review, and “Bruised,” originally appearing in The Sun, from our years in small-town Iowa. Thanks to Red Bird Chapbooks for their attention to these essays and for the beautifully designed chapbook.

Essay in Montana Quarterly

MQ Spring 2013


Very jazzed to have an essay on wild bison and land use in the latest issue of Montana Quarterly, a beautifully designed magazine full of great writing. Here’s a bit from the issue announcement:

Check out the Montana Quarterly’s spring lineup: Tim Cahill, Craig Lancaster and Joe Wilkins, just for starters. Their props include a couple High Plains Book Awards, even an Oscar nomination. And we’re just getting started. Click here to subscribe: http://www.themontanaquarterly.com/subscribe/