Poem in the Nashville Review

NR Summer 14My poem “Ragged Point Road,” part of a series I’ve been working on, is up in the latest issue of the Nashville Review. Beyond great literary work, each issue of NR also comics and music and all sorts of cool stuff. Here’s a bit from their website:

Nashville Review was founded with two guiding principles: that our venue would be inclusive of all forms of storytelling, and that it would be both free and available online to anyone who wished to enjoy it. Thus, NRseeks to feature those forms of art not traditionally recognized as literature—comics, film, music, visual art, creative nonfiction, dance, oral storytelling and other performance arts—alongside the more traditional forms of fiction and poetry. We also feature interviews and a community section that showcases work from local writers. We publish three issues annually: on the 1st of April, August, and December. NR is published entirely online, and its readership includes visitors from over 100 countries.

The Richard J. Margolis Award of Blue Mountain Center

Found out a few weeks ago that I’ve won the 2009 Richard J. Margolis Award of Blue Mountain Center. It’s quite a prize, and I’m all kinds of honored.

Here’s a bit from their website:

The Richard J. Margolis Award of Blue Mountain Center combines a one-month residency at Blue Mountain Center with a $5,000 prize. It is awarded annually to a promising new journalist or essayist whose work combines warmth,  humor, wisdom and concern with social justice. The award was established in honor of Richard J. Margolis, a journalist, essayist and poet who gave eloquent voice to the hardships of the rural poor, migrant farm workers, the elderly, Native Americans and others whose voices are seldom heard. He was also the  author of a number of books for children. Blue Mountain Center is a writers and artists colony in the Adirondacks in Blue Mountain Lake, New York.

Good News from The Briar Cliff Review

Just heard from Paul Weber, creative nonfiction editor at The Briar Cliff Review, that “My Mother’s Story: Retold and Annotated,” an experimental essay of mine built around a phone call with my mother years ago, has won their fourteenth annual prize in Creative Nonfiction: the piece will appear in the 2010 issue, and they’ll be sending a $1000 my way!

Also, if you haven’t picked up a copy of The Briar Cliff Review, do so. It’s one of the most beautifully-designed journals out there, and there’s great work inside too.