Two Chapbooks

We Had to Go On LIvingThis fall I’ve been delighted to have two chapbooks released. First, from Red Bird Chapbooks, We Had to Go On Living: a collection of two essays, “Northern Pike” and “Bruised,” that both speak to the years my wife and I spent in the Midwest, years of joy, as we started our family, and loneliness, as we struggled to find our footing in new communities and alien landscapes. And just this past week, winner of the Iron Horse Chapbook Issue Competition, Leviathan: a short collection of poetry that also speaks to our Midwestern sojourn, though it does so in a host of voices and forms. And what beautiful books! Both presses took such care during the editorial and design processes. I’m so pleased to have had the chance to work with such wonderful folks and to now have in my hands these two lovely chapbooks.Leviathan

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