“Notes from the Bulls” in Orion

Orion July-Aug 2013


Though it isn’t available online, my story “Notes from the Bulls: the Unedited Journals of Verl Newman” is in the latest issue of Orion. Lots of wonderful work in this issue, including essays by Barry Lopez and Ander Monson, poetry by Todd Davis, and a series of stunning paintings by James Lavadour that accompany my story. Truly, there’s just no excuse not to be subscribed to Orion!

3 thoughts on ““Notes from the Bulls” in Orion

  1. Joe,
    Thanks so much for the heads-up on this. I subscribe to Orion, where I originally read your writing. I look forward to your new work!
    My best,

  2. Hope you like the story! And glad to hear you’re a subscriber–just a wonderful magazine!

  3. Hi Joe: It is great to see you have another article in Orion. How wonderful! What a great magazine.

    I am wondering if your editor(s) would like to publish my video of you and Pam alongside this or another essay/story/poem? This will give them two for one!

    I am also curious if Orion might be interested in running a video series of other writers I’ve documented. Each month a new video can run on a blog and conversation can swirl around the content. It could even feature the writing Do you have a contact person to whom I can write to ask about this?

    I have a hard time finding the correct contact Orion editor to address. Do you possibly have a contact?

    I appreciate any support you can provide in this, Scott

    Scott Temple, MFA http://www.quickbloom.com Professional Videography, Photography, Podcasts 704.538.0077

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