The Mountain and the Fathers – Author Signing at AWP



On Thursday, March 7, I’ll be at the Counterpoint Press table at the AWP Bookfair in the Hynes Convention Center in Boston, MA signing copies of my memoir, The Mountain and the Fathers. Stop by if you like!

Also, there’ll be lots of other wonderful Counterpoint titles at the table to peruse as well, including David McGlynn’s memoir A Door in the Ocean; BK Loren’s novel Theft and collection of essays Animal, Mineral, Radical; Susan Sherman’s novel The Little Russian; and Dana Johnson’s novel Elsewhere, California. Great books all!

2012 Montana Book Award Honor Book

Montana Book AwardVery excited to hear that The Mountain and the Father has been named a 2012 Montana Book Award Honor Book! Lots of great writers–Deidre McNamer, David Quammen, and Timothy Egan, among others–have won or been honored by the Montana Book Award in the past, and this year is no different, with two of my recent favorites, Emily Danforth’s The Miseducation of Cameron Post and David Abrams’s Fobbit, winning the prize and being named an honor book, respectively.

A Wise, Kind Note

Always wonderful to hear from readers, and I can’t help but share a few lines of this wise, kind note I received yesterday about The Mountain and the Fathers:

My father, like yours, was strong and gentle, but fortunate enough to live into old age. He too carried me in his large hands and on his broad shoulders, but in Iowa and Colorado. We loved each other without words and without bounds, but somehow we remained strangers. Perhaps no man ever finds his father. Thank you for a masterfully written story about your father and all our fathers.